DAO Group

Originating from an ancient Chinese word, the philosophy of DAO is used in its sense of ‘way’ as the ‘right’ or ‘proper’ way of existence.

Like its name’s origin, DAO Group’s way is one of right and reliable business. We endeavour to enhance value with the cooperation of like minded partners, always with a long term approach.

We are passionate and committed in everything that we do and always strive to be the best.

DAO Shipping

DAO Shipping is a shipping company focused on the dry cargo market. We started our business in 2012 and through a cautious approach have managed to sensibly grow the business despite a trying climate for the dry bulk market.

We work with the right business partners and the right type of assets and are therefore well positioned to grow as the market improves.

We take a long term view and want to be the best in everything that we do. The most important thing for us is our reputation. We shall keep endeavouring to grow in a sensible way and provide the best service to our partners and collaborators.

DAO Estate

We invest in direct assets, with particular emphasis on compelling opportunities in prime and evolving locations that can be improved by hands-on asset management, along with knowledge of the area and its future growth story.

DAO’s in-house team has significant experience in sourcing, executing and asset-managing commercial, residential and mixed use investments and developments. We also maximise strong relationships with our numerous debt providers, enabling us to secure competitive terms for every building we own and manage.

We are constantly looking to grow our portfolio and will continue to develop our business as a significant investor, owner and asset-manager in the London property market.

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