UK cadets on board of one of our ships having their first cadetship.

Captain’s Diary

UK cadets on board one of our ships having their first cadetship.

Third Officer Matthew Gormley:

A cadetship served on board a new fleet of vessels, carrying different types of cargo worldwide, provides the fundamental knowledge for my future maritime career. This, combined with the guidance and encouragement of the crew, offers an on-board learning environment which allows an enthusiastic cadet to succeed. Since gaining my OOW licence in July 2015 I have been employed as a Third Officer on board Glovis Melody which has enabled my career to develop further. I would recommend the prospects of DAO shipping to any aspiring British Cadet.

Deck Cadet Robert Smith:

This has been a good experience so far. There is a great crew on board who are always available to help and support us cadets. The training is brilliant and offers plenty of variety. Officers are always willing to go out of their way to help and show us different types of jobs, whether it is on the bridge or on the deck. It doesn’t just consist of chipping and painting! The health and safety on board is excellent, all crew follow the correct procedures and are constantly trying to improve on safety.

The accommodation offers plenty of space and is kept clean with regular cabin inspections.

There is a fair size gym on board, which is basic but has all we need. The table tennis in the Mess room is popular and the table is in good condition.

No complaints so far, very good.

Cadet Jack Tate

On 19.02.2017, I joined the ship “Glovis Maria” in Singapore to begin my training as a cadet.

Health and safety on board is generally very good with all crew being aware of the environment and working to the guidelines. The accommodation is kept clean and tidy. The training has helped us learn the basics of a seafarer and how the deck crew work. The Third Officers have been excellent at showing us the work involved in being a Third Officer. The food is standard with little variation. The gym is basic but adequate, and the mess rooms are fitted with good facilities but could do with more in the way of board games etc. There could be more on board activities to boost morale. The quarterly barbecue is very much enjoyed.

My experience so far and training provided has helped confirm my career decision.